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Create new hiring process

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Admins can create and edit multiple hiring processes, and use each for a specific group of jobs (e.g., one for each Brand). 

Create new process

To create a new, additional hiring process:

  1. Go to Settings / Admin and click Hiring Process in the Configuration list.
  2. Click +New Hiring Process.


  3. Give the process a name.

  4. Click Add Step above a stage to open a list of available steps for that stage.

    • Click a standard to step to add it, or
    • Click Add Step in the list create a custom step, and give it a name.
  5. Continue to fill each stage with steps. 

When finished, you'll need to assign the process to jobs.

Assign hiring process to jobs

Instead of assigning a custom hiring process to individual jobs, you'll assign it certain values for your Org fields. When someone at your company creates a job and chooses:

  • the same set of Org values that were assigned to a custom hiring process, that process will apply to the job.
  • a set of values that doesn't match the set assigned to any of your custom hiring process, the default process will apply to the job.

To assign the process using org fields, just choose choose one or more values (or All) for each active job field. In the example below, the process will apply to jobs posted for the SmartRecruiters brand that are located in San Francisco in the US.

Keep in mind that only one hiring process can apply to a job, so if you have (or plan to have) multiple hiring processes, you'll need to make sure their assigned Org Field values don't overlap. 

Now that the hiring process is configured, click Apply this process to existing jobs matching this configuration to apply the process to existing jobs or leave it unselected to apply the process to only future jobs. 

When you're done, click Save.

Updating assignment

There are two ways to update the hiring process assigned to a job (or group of jobs):

  • Change the job field configuration for a custom hiring process, and choose Apply this process... as described above.
  • Change the job fields assigned to a job. SmartRecruiters will automatically assign the correct hiring process, if there exists a process that matches the new job field values.

Note that it's possible for the new and old process to have different steps in each stage (In-review, interview, etc). When a new process is assigned, and there are steps in the old process that are not also present in the new process, any candidates who were in these missing steps will be placed in a "Default" step in the same stage because SmartRecruiters won't know how to map old/new steps.

Let's look at an example:

  1. Mateusz Głowacki applies to Job A.
  2. Job A is assigned a hiring process configuration called Site Reliability Engineer Hiring Process. This process contains a step called Chaos Testing Interview.
  3. Mateusz' application is moved to Chaos Testing Interview.
  4. Job A's job field values are changed. There's a matching hiring process called DevOps Hiring Process, so SmartRecruiters will apply this process to Job A.
  5. This process does not have a Chaos Testing Interview step. Mateusz' application will be placed into a Default step in the Interview stage.



A maximum of 120 hiring processes can be created.