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Configure workflow automations

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Workflows introduce the ability for Administrators to configure and enable workflow automation as a part of the hiring process. These workflows can be used to automatically create follow-up tasks, auto-advance candidates, assign task ownership, and set SLAs. 

Workflow Permissions

Only Administrators can set up new workflows against specific steps in the hiring process. Workflow actions can apply to any user who is identified as an owner in the workflow step. 

Workflow Structure 

Hiring process workflows are configured against a hiring process status such as “In Review / Phone Screen.” They are applied to all jobs or applications that are associated with that hiring process step. Admins will be able to define both multi-step workflows, as well as single-step workflows. Workflows are applied to all jobs or applications that are associated with the hiring process. 

Each step in the workflow includes the following properties: 

  • Filter rules - Filtering rules can be applied to each workflow step to customize the particular set of candidates that the workflow step should be executed against. 

  • Actions - Each step results in an action for the system. That action can be the system creating a task, sending notification or changing the state of an object. 

  • Owner(s) - This is the person responsible for any actions that result from the configured workflow step. For workflow steps where a task is created, the owner will be set as the Task assignee. 

  • SLA - Commonly known as “Service Level Agreement,” this is a timer property that can be set to determine when a particular action will need to be completed. For workflow steps where a task is created, the task Due Date is set based on the SLA. 

To help users get started with configuring a workflow, a gallery of preset workflow steps will be made available. Administrators will be able to configure their workflow by selecting one of the preset workflow steps from the gallery and tuning the workflow step properties. 

The first step in the workflow is immediately initiated when a candidate enters a hiring process step. The action of the candidate entering the hiring process step is the trigger for the workflow. 

Workflow Owners 

Users can set step owners to be a hiring team role, a specific named user, or system user. 

If the action for a workflow step is configured automatically to create a task, the owner added to the workflow step becomes the task assignee. 

When choosing a hiring team role as a step owner, users will have an option ANY or ALL. 

When the step owner is set to ANY  it means that only one of the owners will need to complete the task created from the workflow action. If the option is set to ALL then all of the owners will be assigned and need to complete the task.  

For preset workflow steps, a “System user” will be assigned to any automatic action such as advancing an applicant to the next hiring step. 

In cases where no users are assigned to a selected hiring team role, the workflow step will not be executed. An event will be logged in the job activity feed. 

Workflow Steps Gallery

The following preset workflow steps will be available to use at launch: 

Workflow Step Name


Send self-schedule

Create a task for a workflow step owner, in this case the recruiter, to send a self-schedule invite to a candidate. 

Coordinate interview

Create a task for a workflow step owner, in this case the coordinator, to set up an interview for a candidate. 

Create offer

Create a task for a recruiter or other hiring team member to prepare an offer for a candidate

Move forward 

Automatically advance a candidate to the next hiring process step based on average star rating within the current hiring process step.*

Reject candidate

Create a task for a member of the hiring team to reject a candidate based on average star rating within the current hiring process step.*

Pipeline hygiene 

Create a task for a recruiter to review candidates who have been in the same hiring process step for too long, in this case it is preset to more than 14 days. 

Collect interview feedback

Create tasks for the interviewers to write review and provide feedback after the interview has been completed. 

Candidate interview reminder

Create tasks for recruiters to remind candidates if they have not confirmed interview after the specified number of days.

Offer Approval Reminder Create tasks for the offer approver based on the number of days that approval request has been pending.
Candidate Interview Reminder Create tasks for a member of the hiring team to send a message to a candidate if they have not confirmed an interview based on the number of days after the interview invite has been sent.


* for Move forward and Reject candidate steps, in order to ensure that candidates are moved only after all relevant interviewers have submitted their reviews, an interview needs to first be scheduled.  The system will wait until all interviewers who have been scheduled in the interview to submit their reviews before calculating the average rating and determining if the candidate needs to be moved forward or rejected.

Setting Up a New Workflow 

To get started with setting up a new workflow, users can do the following: 

  1. Go to the profile dropdown in the top right corner. Select Settings/Admin 

  2. Find the section titled “Configurations” and click on the “Hiring Process” link 

  3. In the Hiring Process page, find a hiring process where you would like to add the workflow. Click on the step. 

  4. Choose “Workflow” from the dropdown list. 

  5. In the setup page, you will see the preset workflow step gallery on the left and the workflow you want to configure for this hiring process on the right side. 

  6. Drag and drop selected workflow steps from the left panel into the workflow builder screen on the right. 

  7. Adjust the workflow properties as needed. 

  8. Administrators can also add additional steps to the workflow by pulling in the preset workflow steps on the right. test1.png