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Data retention periods

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


In SmartRecruiters compliance configuration, the data retention period is the period between the time you hire a candidate (or reject a candidate) and the time that SmartRecruiters deletes the personally identifying information for that candidate's profile. This also applies to candidates who are withdrawn or removed from job.

Location-based requirements

When you create a new policy for a specific country, SmartRecruiters defaults the value to Don't delete. Customer administrators are expected to choose the appropriate duration. The count starts on the date that the candidate is hired (or rejected), and depends on the location of the job, not the candidate’s location.

SmartRecruiters will observe whatever data retention policy you set, and will not enforce any regulations. If you choose a duration other than the default for the countries in the table below, it’s up to you to make sure you’re compliant. Data retention periods are subject to change by local compliance authorities.

Requirements by country

Some countries have explicit requirements on the minimum or maximum period for retaining candidates’ data. 

D = Duration of employment.

  In Process/Hired Rejected
  Min # years Max # years Min # years Max # years
Austria 3 30   0
Belgium       0
Denmark   D   0
Finland D+10   2  
France 5     2
Germany 10     0
Hungary   3   0
Ireland D+7   1.5  
Italy 10     0
Netherlands 7     1
Poland 50     0
Romania 10      
Spain D+4   3  
Sweden 7     0
Switzerland 10     0
UK   D+6   0.5
US   EEO: 2