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Global Compliance Administration

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Our Global Compliance Administration tool helps companies around the world ensure compliance with the candidate data retention laws in each country where they operate. Companies can set up set up separate, independent policies for each county where they post jobs.


Configuration rulesets address two main areas of compliance related to candidates' information:

  • Set a data retention period to automate the deletion of personally identifying information for a candidate.
  • Add your company's privacy policy to inform the candidate of your definitions for acceptable access to and use of their personal data, including personally identifiable information (PII) browser cookies and location data.

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Please note that while SmartRecruiters provides the tools to help you ensure compliance, it’s up to you to make sure that you are actually compliant.



  • Can I add my own privacy policy to applications?

    By default, SmartRecruiters adds a disclaimer notifying candidates that that their personal data is bound by your privacy policy at the end of the candidate application. The disclaimer looks like this:

    Please be informed that your application to this job offer will trigger some processing of your personal data by the recruiting company, the data controller. SmartRecruiters, the data processor, has no control over such personal data processing. For more information on these personal data processing, please refer to the recruiting company’s privacy policy.

    In the Global Compliance setting, you will now be able to decide which line of wording you would like to use in the consent sentence for your privacy policy. Administrators will be able to choose between “read and understand” versus “read and agree”. Depending on what you choose, the change will be propagated in the application experience and the consent request screen. 

    Once setup, "privacy policy" will be linked to the URL you have added in your country settings in addition to their Imprint (aka, Impressum or Corporate Information) as is commonly required in Austria, Germany and Switzerland among others.  

  • Can I restore, find, or un-delete a deleted candidate?

    No one at your company or SmartRecruiters will be able to recover or identify a deleted candidate’s information. If the candidate applies again to the same job, SmartRecruiters will be unable to recognize them, and have no history of the previous application.

  • What if I don’t set a retention policy?

    If a company does not set a retention policy for a particular country, then anyone with access to the candidate will be able to view the candidate’s information indefinitely.

  • What is SmartRecruiters' Cookie Policy?

    SmartRecruiters uses cookies to identify users. When a user located in one of the European countries who have adopted EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC accesses SmartRecruiters, we’ll display a notification with a link to SmartRecruiters’ cookie policy. The notification is localized to the language of the user’s browser.