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Candidate Sources

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


In SmartRecruiters, each candidates' application has a source, which describes how they were added to SmartRecruiters. 


By tracking the source of each application, you can determine where your best candidates come from, and focus your recruiting and hiring efforts on those sources.

SmartRecruiters' Source Library is a three-level structure that groups different sources together. 

Each source is organized first by type, then by sub-type, and finally source name.

  • Types generically classify groups of sources by the way they add candidates to SmartRecruiters, e.g., Paid sources. All sources have a Type.
  • Sub-types more specifically classify groups of source, e.g., Job Board, when necessary. Not all Types have sub-types.
  • Source names uniquely identify specific sources, e.g., LinkedIn. This name is displayed on the candidate's application. All sources have a name.

For example, the full definition of the LinkedIn source, which is a job board that charges for each job posting, is:

  • Type: Paid
  • Sub-type: Job Board
  • Name: LinkedIn



Is it possible to use the candidate properties at the configuration API to create a dropdown field for offers?
Yes - via the following endpoint:

Can you make a custom candidate field to be displayed on the new Hire form mandatory?
If the field is added to the offer approval form AND the offer template AND the new hire form then it will be read-only on the NH form. If added to offer template and NH from only then the field will be editable but not required. As a note, we should not really be adding fields as hidden to the offer letter as they can be seen with some PDF readers.