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In SmartRecuiters, Brands help companies to customize the candidate experience to the company's brand identity.


Brands are an essential part of the candidate experience. SmartRecruiters positions your brand identity in all parts of the candidate experience:

  • on your job ads:


  • on the candidate application:


  • in the Candidate Portal:


  • in Auto Replies to applications from new candidates:


  • in email templates for interview invitations, rejections, and more.


  • on the Field Recruiting App

Default Brand

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

Every company that uses SmartRecruiters has at least one (default) Brand. Your default brand's logo is identical to the logo you add in your company profile. For companies with a single brand identity, all candidates will see the same branding.

Multiple Brands

  • SmartRecruit

Admins can set up multiple, additional Brands. For those with multiple Brands set up in SmartRecruiters, when someone creates a job, they'll select a Brand from the job. Candidates who apply to that job will see that branding throughout their experience.


  • Add Company Logo
    Add your company's primary logos, and logos for specific Brands.
  • Brands as Org field
    Use the Brands field to assign specific feature configurations, such as a screening question set or Access Group to a specific Brand.
  • Configure Brands
    Add your corporate branding, with colors, images, and logos, to each Brand.
  • Email Domain Authentication
    Authenticate SmartRecruiters to use your email domain for emails that are sent candidates to help boost brand recognition and increase email open rate.