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Email Domain Authentication

  • SmartRecruit


Companies can authenticate their company domain with SmartRecruiters to enable emails sent from SmartRecruiters to candidates to use the authenticated company domain instead of the default domain: 


  1. You have an Admin account within SmartRecruiters to access Email Domain Authentication in Configuration
  2. You have access and update to your company DNS records

Custom Email Domain Authentication

Add an Email Domain

To add a new domain from the Email Domain Authentication page:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Email Domain Authentication in the Configuration list.
  3. Click the Authenticate Domain button. email_domain_empty.png
  4. Enter the domain you want to use under the Send From Field. Please make sure you entered a valid, available domain. SmartRecruiters will run a quick check on the domain's public record, and will return an error if the domain is not available. The Receive From Field affects both the display reply-to email address when the candidate clicks on the reply button on their email clients and the ability to receive reply-to emails.

  5. Click Next to proceed to authenticate the domain access for SmartRecruiters email services

If the MX record of the domain you wished to configured is already used, the Receive From Field (sub-domain) will be required.

The configured sub-domain affects the display of the reply-to email address. Specifically in the example below, if sub-domain is configured as `recruiting`, the displayed reply-to email address will be changed to ``.


Configuring the sub-domain also ensure email replies from the candidate can be received and displayed in SmartRecruiters. 

SmartRecruiters will not be able to receive candidates reply emails with a domain that is already used elsewhere (not necessarily used by SmartRecruiters), if you attempted to configure using only domain when then domain is already used, you will receive an error message.

Authenticate an Email Domain

  1. After an email domain is added, a new group of DNS records associated with that domain will be created. If the status of the DNS records is 'Creating', check back in later; if the status is 'Pending Verification', you may proceed to the next step. DNS records creation usually only take a few second and should not be longer than 2 hours. If the DNS records creation takes more than 2 hours, please file a support ticket for help.
  2. Click on the DNS Records globe icon of the domain

  3. A list of CNAMEs and MX DNS records associated with the domain is displayed. Copy these records using the copy icon next to each link and paste them into your own domain DNS records
  4. Once all the records have been copied and pasted, click Verify on the bottom list and SmartRecruiters will begin to verify if the DNS records are installed correctly.

  5. If SmartRecrutiers is able to verify the DNS records, the domain name status will be updated to 'Verified'. In cases where the DNS records verification failed, click on the DNS records icon to revisit the list of CNAMEs and MX records to locate records that do not has the 'Verified' status and make the necessary adjustment on your own domain DNS records.

Configure the Email Domain

  1. Switch on the toggle for the selected domain. The domain you selected must be 'Verified'.

  2.  Click Save to confirm the domain selection and your email to candidate will be send out using the configured authenticated domain.

You may authenticate as many domains as you'd like but you can only configured your email to candidate to be sent out from one domain

Affected Emails

Authenticated email domain configuration applied only to emails to candidates. Below is the full list of emails the setting applies to:

Email Type Trigger by
Rejection to candidate Conversation Employee
Candidate appointment update Conversation Employee
General conversation email to candidate Conversation Employee
Interview invitation Conversation Employee
Offer to candidate Conversation Employee
Auto reply after application Notification Candidate on application submission
Candidate application in review Notification System on candidate application moved to 'In Review' status
Emails to candidate configured against workflows Notification System
Interview self-scheduling invitation Conversation Employee
General email to community application Conversation Employee
Referral Notification System
Referral confirmation to referrer Notification System
Consent request email Notification Employee or system
Consent request expired email Notification Employee, system or candidate
Net Hiring Score survey Notification System
Employee App Tracking - One Time Password Notification Employee