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Configure Brands

  • SmartRecruit


Companies that can manage multiple brands can configure each brand with different logos, colors, and images.

Access Brands page

To add a new brand or edit an existing brand:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. In the Configuration list, click Brands.
  3. To set up a new brand, click New Brand.  To configure the default brand, just click the Edit icon.BrandsList.png

From here, you can set the Brand's name, logo, and colors, and configure how it's presented on job ads and the Candidate Portal. 


Add name and color

Add the brand's name, and choose a corporate color. This color can be used in various parts of the candidate experience, e.g., for buttons on the candidate application.AddBrandNameColor.png

Add logos

For additional brands, you can upload the brand's logo, in .png or .jpg format. As with your company profile, you can upload two logos: a larger rectangular one (at least 188px wide by 100px tall) for posting jobs, and a smaller square one (300 x 300px )for sharing jobs.  In either case, the logo should be less than 5 MB.


Go to your company profile to edit the logos for your default brand.

Configure Career page

Choose a destination for the Show all jobs link on your job ads. The default link goes to your main Careers page, so if you have a separate Careers page for each brand, add it here.  brandSettings02.png

Configure Facebook page

Add a link to the Facebook page of each brand. This way, jobs posted on Facebook can be linked to the specific Facebook page. Adding a Facebook page is optional. By omitting it, Facebook will use their own mechanism to associate job posts to a specific Facebook page.


Configure Job ad

Choose the color of the main buttons on your job ads. You can use SmartRecruiters' high-contrast green, your corporate color (chosen above), or another custom color (by choosing it, or entering the color's hex code).ConfigureBrand_JobPage.png

Configure Candidate Portal

Add images for the candidate-facing pages. The header image is at the top of the Candidate Portal and should be at least 1400 x 445 px for best results. Your Office photo is on the main screen of the Field Recruiting App, and should be at least 80px tall. In either case, make sure to limit the files to under 5 MB.ConfigureBrand_CandidatePortal.png