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API Credential Manager

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Admins can create and manage API credentials that grant API users access to the company's SmartRecruiters data. 

You'll need to be an Admin or system role with permission to access company Configuration to view API Credential Manager


The API Credential Manager helps provide overall visibility to admins on the company's data accessed by integrations and applications. Admins can also create new credentials or revoke unwanted credentials. To access the Credential Manager, navigate to Settings / Admin > Adminstration > Apps & Integrations and find the 'CREDENTIALS' tab.


Information presented on the credential list are:

  • Status: Status of the credential. There are two statuses available for any credential: 1) Active, which is represented by a green dot, and 2) Expired, which is represented by a orange dot.
  • Name: Name of the credential
  • Date Created: Date of which the credential is first generated.
  • Requested By: The user who created the credential
  • Scopes: Access scope of the credential. The access scope of a credential determines the data which the credential can access. The full list of access scope can be found in SmartRecruiters Developer Document. Up to 3 access scopes will be display on the list, additional access scopes of the credential can be viewed in detail.

By default, credentials with 'Expired' status are not display. Users can adjust the filter option to show credentials with 'Expired' status. Most recently created credentials are display first.

API keys previously created in 'Settings / Admin > Configuration > API / Integrations' will automatically be displayed on the list. The page 'API / Integrations' will no longer be available after the release on February 4, 2021.

Creating New Credential

To create new credential:

  1. Navigate to API Credential Manager
  3. Select the type of credential you wish to create. There are currently two options:
    New Credentials_ API@2x.png
    • OAuth Client ID: An Id-secret pair that authorizes and authenticates API users to your SmartRecruiters resources (data), defined and limited by the access scope, via OAuth 2.0 Client Credential flow. Be prepared to define the access scope of the credential in the next step. There is no limit on the number of credentials you can generate.
    • API Key: A traditional key that authorizes and authenticates API users to your SmartRecruiters resources (data). API key users can access all your SmartRecruiters resources. 
  4. Provide a name and description for your credential. It is recommended to provide name which helps users to understand the function and purpose of each credential. If you are creating an OAuth Client ID, you must also define the access scope of the credential.
    New Credentials_ OAuth@2x.png

    Use the search function to quickly search for access scope, select the checkbox on the left to select the scope. Click 'GENERATE' on the bottom of the page after the name, description and access scope of the credential is provided.
  5. Credential will be presented to the you. It's important to note this credential will only be presented once and users will not be able to see the credential after clicking 'DONE'

Editing Credential

Users can only edit 1) Name and 2) Description of a credential.

To edit information of of a credential:

  1. Navigate to API Credential Manager
  2. Click the three dot icon on the credential you wish to edit and click 'Details'
    Credentials_ Menu@2x.png
  3. Click 'EDIT'
    Credentials_ OAuth Details_edit.png
  4. Make necessary update to the name and/or description of the credential and click 'SAVE' to save the changes.
    Credentials_ OAuth_save.png

Revoking Credential

To revoke credential:

  1. Navigate to API Credential Manager
  2. Click the three dot icon on the credential you wish to revoke and click 'Revoke'.