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Custom Hiring Team Roles

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Custom Hiring Team roles to allow Admins to precisely configure the access and actions allowed for each default hiring role, and create/configure up to 5 new custom roles.

  • Configure default roles: Modify the set of permissions available to each default role
  • Additional Roles: Create up to 5 custom roles, and configure the permissions for each role independently


Before we dive into the process of configuration, let's examine how SmartRecruiters defines permissions:

  • Actions for each role
  • Access levels for each action


Each custom and default hiring team role's permissions is defined as a list of actions they can or cannot perform in relation to the job or candidates on the job.

For example, job actions include:

  • Publishing/unpublishing/cancelling a job
  • Editing the job's status manually (without moving the candidate forward or back in the process.

When added to a job's hiring team and assigned a role, the user is assigned the role's list of allowable actions for that job and any candidate applications to that job. 

Access levels

Each role is assigned an access level for each action. The access level determines exactly what a user who is assigned that role can do in relation to that action.

Some actions have three levels:

Write User can see and modify information
Read User can see but not modify information
None User cannot see or modify information.

Others have only two:

Yes User can perform this action
No User cannot perform this action

Job actions

The following sections specify configurable actions related to a job, the access levels available for each action, and any dependencies between them, i.e., which levels/actions must be assigned together. 

Hiring Team

Controls access to list of hiring team members in Hiring Team tab of the job.

Write Can add new hiring team roles and edit existing hiring team's roles
Read Can see hiring team but cannot take any actions
None Cannot see hiring team

Internal Notes

Controls access to Internal Notes section in Job Details tab on the job

Write Can see and write internal notes
Read Can see internal notes
None Cannot see internal notes


Controls ability to publish, unpublish, or cancel a job.

Yes Can publish, unpublish or cancel job. User must have ability to create job.
No User cannot see or modify information.

Job Status

Controls ability to manually change job status.

Yes User can manually change job status
No User cannot change job status.

Activity Tab

Controls access to Activity tab on job's profile.

Yes User can access Activity tab
No User cannot access Activity tab

Candidate Actions

Here's a list of all the configurable actions related to a candidate, the access levels available for each action, and any dependencies between them, i.e., which levels/actions must be assigned together. 

This list of actions will be available with the Jan 31st release. More will follow in February.


Controls ability to request consent and view consent status.

Yes Can request consent and see consent status
No Cannot request consent or see consent status


Controls ability to view and add attachments to application.

Write Can add/see attachments
Read Can see but not add attachments
None Cannot see or add attachments


Controls access to the Hire form and confirm hiring

Write Can access and edit Hire form, and confirm hiring
Read Can access but not edit Hire form, and cannot confirm hiring
None Cannot access Hire form

​​​​​Reject/Mark as withdrawn

Controls ability to reject/mark a candidate as withdrawn and choose/view reason.

Write Can reject/mark as withdrawn and choose a reason
Read Cannot reject/mark as withdrawn but can see the reason
None Cannot see the reason

Edit Status

Controls ability to edit a candidate's status in the hiring process.

Yes User can change candidate status
No User cannot change candidate status

Delete Attachments

Controls ability to delete attachments from application.

Yes Can delete attachments
No Cannot delete attachments


Controls access to view and edit tags on application.

Write Can see and add tags
Read Can see but not add tags
None Cannot see or add tags


Controls access to Interviews tab ability to view, schedule, and edit interviews. Any hiring team member may be invited to an interview, regardless of their access level to Interviews.

Write Can see previous interviews and schedule an interview
Read Can see previous interviews and but cannot schedule an interview
None Cannot see Interviews tab


Controls access to Offers tab and ability to create/edit/send offers, send/view offer approvals, and view offer information.

Write Can create an offer, send it for approvals, see previous offers and approvals, and send offer to candidate
Read Cannot create an offer or send it for approvals or to candidate, but can see previous offers and approvals
None Cannot see Offer tab or offer-related messages and attachments

Profile Edit

Controls ability to edit personal, experience, or education information on profile

Yes Can edit personal, experience, or education information
No Cannot edit personal, experience, or education information

Add/Reactivate/Remove from this job

Controls ability to add or remove candidate from job, or reactivate them

Yes Can add candidate to job, reactivate candidate on job, or remove candidate from job
No Cannot add candidate to job, reactivate candidate on job, or remove candidate from job

Other Applications

Can view a candidate's other applications, even if the user is not assigned to those jobs.

Yes Can see all of a candidate's applications
No Can only see candidate's application to a job if member of hiring team on that job.


Controls access to Message tab and ability to send emails to candidate and read emails sent to candidate.

Write Can send emails to candidate and see sent emails in Messages tab.
Read Can see sent emails in Messages tab, but cannot send new emails to candidate.
None Cannot see Messages tab

Edit Source

Controls ability to edit application source

Yes Can edit source of application
No Cannot edit source of application

Configure default roles

On the the Configure default roles tab are two tables: Job and Candidate permissions. Each row in the tables is a specific action; each column, a specific default role.



To configure the permissions of a particular default role:

  1. Find the action in the Job Actions or Candidate Actions table.
  2. Hover over the row for an action, and click Edit.EditActions.png​​​​​​
  3. Choose the role's correct level of access for that action from the list, and click Save.ChooseLevel.png

Changes take effect immediately.

Configure additional roles

To create and configure custom hiring team roles:

  1. Click on the Additional Roles tab.
  2. Click Manage additional roles.
  3. Click Add a role.AddCustomHiringRole_Empty.png
  4. Give the role a name, and click Save.NameCustomHiringRole_First.png
  5. In the Job and Candidate Actions tables, go through each action and assign an access level. When you create a new role, SmartRecruiters defaults all of the role's access levels to None.SetPermissions_OneCustomRole.pngMake sure to click Save!
  6. Repeat as needed for both tables.

Admins can add up to five custom roles. Just click Manage additional roles to add another. AddMoreCustomRoles.png

If you've added more than one, you can update each at the same time:


To delete a role, click Manage additional roles, then click the Delete icon for the role.AddNewHiringRole_NotEmpty.pngA few things to keep in mind:

  • Admins cannot deactivate a custom hiring team role if the role is currently being used in an existing approval chain
  • Admins cannot delete a custom role or if there is at least one user assigned that role on a hiring team.
  • There are some interdependencies between actions. SmartRecruiters will resolve these interdependencies as needed. For example, assume an Admin has granted a user Write permissions for Offers, but None permissions for Messages. The user will need to be able to send an offer, so SmartRecruiters will ignore the Messages permission. In the future, we may add deconfliction rules, but this is the current logic.
  • SmartRecruiters will automatically update candidate status based on user actions, even if the user doesn't have the ability to edit status.
  • Our Hiring App will follow the same permissions as the web app.