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Authenticate Company Domain

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


By validating your company's domain in your SmartRecruiters account, you can automatically add new users to your account when they sign up with SmartRecruiters.  Validating your work domain will make it easier to manage users and employee referral program.

You'll need to be an Admin to turn on Domain Authentication.

To associate your company domain with your SmartRecruiters account:

Do not activate Company Domain Authentication if your company uses SSO. Otherwise, users may be able to sign up using a password, rather than being provisioned via SSO.

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin
  2. Click Company Profile in the Administration list.
  3. On the Company Profile page, enter your email address with your company's name.Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 8.12.30 AM.png
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Look out for an automated email from SmartRecruiters in your inbox. Once received, confirm your email by clicking on the button or the web URL from the email.

Your account will then be validated and the company domain associated with your account. When a new user signs up on with an email address that contains your company's domain, they'll automatically be added to your account as a Basic user.