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Add custom hiring role

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Administrators can also add a Custom Hiring Role of their choice and assign it to users. Each SmartRecruiters company can have one custom role, such as HR Business Partner.

Want this feature? Ask your Customer Success Manager about the SmartGlobal add-on.

Custom hiring role details

Once created, the role can be assigned to any user for a particular job, and can be selected to use in Approval Chains.

  • Approvers
  • Hiring Team

Users assigned a custom hiring role on a job will:

  • show up in the Analytics API and Hiring Team Analytics Report under that role.
  • have full access to the job and candidates for the job, including all of its information and its candidates’ information.
  • be able to edit the job, and see salary and offer information.

 A Basic user with a Custom Hiring Role can't edit the job, purchase assessments, or spend in the store.

Create custom hiring role

To create or edit the role:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Hiring Process in the Configuration list.
  3. Click the Custom Hiring Team Role tab.
  4. Enter or edit the name of the role (up to 26 characters).
  5. Make sure to active the role.

If you change the name of the role, SmartRecruiters will automatically update the name everywhere it's used — for example,  in Approval Chains or for hiring teams on a job.