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User Management

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Administrators can perform a number of user management activities from the User Management page.




What are the different user types?

What are the hiring team roles?

When someone adds a user to a hiring team, they assign the user a hiring team role that determines:

  • the user's level of access to certain information about the job and candidates on that job, and
  • the actions the user can take on the job or candidate, such as extending an offer or editing the job’s details. 

For additional flexibility, the SmartGlobal add-on allows admins to create a Custom Hiring Role with a custom name.

Hiring team roles are separate from user roles. Anyone with a user role of Extended or Administrator always has full access to all jobs and candidates, and can perform all actions on those jobs and candidates, regardless of the hiring team role assigned to them for a particular job.

What permissions are granted by Access groups?

When assigned an Access Group, Standard users are granted the following access:

  • Can access and view jobs in that Access Group.
  • Can access and view candidates attached to those jobs.

This limited access is essentially equivalent to a Basic user who is an Interviewer on the hiring team, and allow the Standard user to:

  • View the profile information and resume of candidates attached to the job.
  • Send messages to candidates and access their message history.
  • Review and rate candidates and run comparisons.
  • Access the candidates’ notes.
  • Reassign candidates and assign tags to their profiles.

Assignment to an Access group does not affect a user’s existing access to jobs for which they’re a member of the Hiring team. 

A user with system role 'Basic' is @-mentioned to a candidate. Could he see the EEO screening question as well? Assessment, could they see the assessment / or even invite the candidate? Do they have access to the restricted application fields? 
1. No / 2. No / 3. No

Are 'Basic' and 'Restricted' same user roles?