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Managing SmartDistribute Access Controls for Individual Users and Access Groups


Follow these instructions to assign specific users or access groups to configure who can use credits from your job board contracts created in SmartDistribute.

Getting started

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you begin:

  • These configurations are only visible to users with admin-level system roles
  • You must have the SmartDistribute add-on and active contracts added to Job Posting Contracts

Editing Permissions


  1. Navigate to the Access Controls tab in the Job Posting Contracts admin settings page.

  2. Click the pencil icon for the specific contract you are looking to change permission configurations for to see the Edit Permissions screen.

  3. Select Custom and make your selection for specific access groups and/or individual users that should be able to use that contract.
  • Private refers to admin-only. Use this setting if you are working on configuring this contract and you do not want credits to be used yet.
  • Open means everyone at your organization that has permissions to advertise has access to use this contract to advertise a job.
  • Custom means only specified individuals or access groups at your organization will have access to use this contract to advertise a job.


4. Click the SAVE button to save these changes.


Only the specified users or members of added access groups will be able to select that contract when advertising a job.