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Job posting contracts

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If you have a job posting contract with a job board, you can use SmartRecruiters' Contract Management tool to post jobs using that contract.


All customers with SmartRecruit accounts can post jobs for free to all free aggregators, and buy on-demand posts to any of the hundreds of job boards in SmartRecruiters' Marketplace.

Companies who have existing contracts with specific job boards can purchase SmartRecruiters' SmartDistribute services to:

  • Send unlimited posts to hundreds of supported job boards
  • Access SmartRecruiters Media buying and advisory services
  • Monitor and manage your contract balance and remaining credits with Contract Management
  • Track performance and optimize the costs and ROI of each board using Sourcing Analytics

SmartDistribute is a value-add addition to your company's existing SmartRecruiters contract. Pricing is annual and based on the volume of jobs in SmartRecruiters, but allows unlimited posting of those jobs to any supported job board.

For example, let's say you fill 400 jobs a year (on average). With SmartDistribute, you can post all 400 jobs to every board in our Marketplace, as many times as you like. There's no per-post, per-board, or reposting cost. 

Contact your SmartRecruiters Success Manager for more information on SmartDistribute.

Add contract

For all boards except LinkedIn, all you'll need is the login and password for your account on the board. If you plan to use Sourcing Analytics to track costs, it's a good idea to provide the current number of credits on the contract and the cost per credit or job post.

For LinkedIn, you'll need your Company's LinkedIn ID and LinkedIn job slots Contract ID. See these instructions for connecting your LinkedIn posting contract.

To add a posting contract to SmartRecruiters:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Job Posting Contracts under Job Advertising section

  3. Click the green Add Contract + button on the top right.
  4. On the Add contract wizard, start typing the name of the board into the Search for a Supplier field.

  5. Click the name of your desired board. 
  6. Enter credentials for your account with the board. Login and password are required. 

  7. Click Save.

You'll be able to start posting via the contract within 48 hours.


You can find a list of the SmartDistribute Supported Job Boards in the following link. SmartRecruiters extends the list of Supported Boards every quarter.

Posting via contract

Once you connect your contract, there's no extra step for using a credit when posting a job. Just choose the board on the Advertise step of the Job Posting Wizard:    clipboard_e4874735c5dacd76a9e024d3553997766.png

You can also post via contract on the Sourcing tab of the job's profile page:

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 12.27.22 PM.png

Just click Advertise to confirm the post and use a credit. SmartRecruiters will use the contract as the default payment method. If you'd like to save your credits and use a different payment method, click Edit.

Contract credits

To check the remaining balance on a job posting contract with LinkedIn, Monster, or other job board, check the Contract Credits page.

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