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Company email settings

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


Admins can set a company-wide settings for email notifications. These settings can either override the email settings set by each user, or only take effect for users who don't configure their own settings.

Set preferences

To choose which notifications you'd like your users to receive:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. In the My Account list, click All-company Email Settings.

For most types of notifications, you can set preferences for each role on the hiring team. Just choose which notifications you'd like users to receive when they have that role.

For example, if you chose the options above, users assigned:

  • a hiring manager role, they'll receive a email when someone rates a candidate with three or more stars, or existing candidates withdraw their applications.
  • a coordinator role they'll receive an email when new candidates apply or existing candidates withdraw their applications.
  • a recruiter role,  they'll receive an email for new candidates, reviews, and withdrawals.

Overriding changes

Each time you make changes to the company-wide settings, you'll have the option to completely override the existing settings set by each user, or only those who haven't yet chosen their own settings.

Notification types

Notifications are grouped into four categories of events.

Candidate events

  • Select New Candidate Applied to notify users on a hiring team for each new application to that job. Hiring managers will receive a notification in the Notifications bell, and other roles will receive an email.
  • Select New Candidate Reviews to notify users when someone else on the hiring team rates a candidate with 3 or more stars.
  • Select Upcoming Interviews to notify users when someone else on the hiring team schedules an interview on the job, but doesn't add them as an interviewer.
  • Select Candidate Withdrew to notify users when someone else on the hiring team marks a candidate as Withdrawn.


There are two additional candidate notification events for Defer Candidate:


  • Select Candidate Deferred to notify users on a hiring team when someone defers a candidate.
  • Select Candidate Ready to Re-engage to notify users on a hiring team when the deferral period is over for a candidate.

Offer, hire, and digest events

  • Select New Candidates in Offer Stage to notify users when someone moves a candidate to the Offer stage. However, this doesn't necessarily mean someone extended an offer.
  • Select New Hires to notify users when someone moves a candidate to Hired status.
  • Select New Hiring Team Member to notify users when someone adds another hiring team member.
  • Select Subscribe to weekly digest email to send users a list of new candidates, current candidates and their stage in the process, and new comments for candidates.

Assessment events

  • Select Assessment Results to receive notification (and actual results) when a candidate completes an assessment. Both the person who ordered the assessments and hiring team members with full access to the candidate can subscribe to this email, but interviewers and coordinators cannot.
  • Select Assessment Updates to receive notification when the order is accepted, or any other progress updates sent by the assessment vendor, like when a candidate adds a reference in their reference check.

Collaboration events

Collaboration notification preferences aren't role-based. Instead, you can just choose to subscribe your users to them.

Select the last one if you'd like all users to receive a notification when someone sends an email through SmartRecruiters to a candidate whom they've previously emailed as well.