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Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


The company profile includes your company's name, address, country, and your default logos. Logos will show up on your job ads, and are an excellent way to promote your company to candidates.

Access company details

To access your company's default logo(s) and information as an Admin:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Company Profile in the Administration section.

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 4.45.15 PM.png

SmartRecruiters allows you to add two versions of your default logo to the company profile, and chooses the best fitting one when adding it to jobs, posts, and more. 

Click Upload logo (or Change logo) for either the default or square logo to upload a new one.  

SmartRecruiters accepts logos as .jpg or .png files under 5 mb in size. Make sure the logo is a least 80px tall. 


This is your company's default logo. It will show up anywhere that a rectangular logo will fit best, including:

  • your job ads
  • Applications to your jobs, and

Square logo

You can also add a square version of your logo. SmartRecruiters will add this logo to social network posts or shares that are made from within SmartRecruiters. For example, if a job creator shares a job in a tweet, or a Facebook or LinkedIn post, the post will include this logo.


SmartRecruiters uses the address added here as your primary headquarters, and uses that location in various ways, including candidate filters


  • Are new users coming in as standard users by default?


  • How do I change my company's name in SmartRecruiters?

    Administrators can contact Support to change the company name on a SmartRecruiters account, and provide following information:

    • Exact phrasing of the name change
    • Reason for the name change (e.g., due to merger, acquisition, etc.)

    Keep in mind that a name change also requires your company to:

    • Republish all of the company's existing jobs so that the job ad URLs contain the new name
    • Update your job widgets (just grab the code again)

    You may need to update:

    • Screening questions
    • Domain-based authentication settings (if the company domain has changed)
    • Users' emails in User Management
    • SSO configuration (namely the Company ID) on your Identity Provider side

    In some cases, candidates may not be able to complete assessments that were pending at the time of the change, so it's best to wait for all pending assessments to be completed.

    If you have left your organization want to continue using SmartRecruiters at a new company, we recommend you create a new SmartRecruiters account for your new organization.


  • How do I close my company's SmartRecruiters account?

    To close your company account, please contact Support. You'll need to be an Admin to cancel your company's account.