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Job Alerts

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Create a Job Alert to help candidates set up automatic monitoring for new jobs. When you post a job that matches their filters, SmartRecruiters will notify them by email.


SmartRecruiters' Job Alerts widget allows you to engage potential candidates even if they don’t see the job they're looking for at your company. Candidates can personalize a Job Alert for key terms in the job's title. When you post a job that matches, SmartRecruiters will send an email to candidates to let them know. 

You can a Job Alerts widget as a button on any webpage using a pre-generated HTML and JavaScript code snippet. Though you won't need assistance to create the widget, you may need assistance from technical resources to add the snippet to your site.

Configure Job Alert

To create and embed a Job Alert button on your website:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Job Alerts in the Career Page Setup list.
  3. Click the toggle to activate Job Alerts.
  4. Choose the language settings for the alert configuration window.
  5. Select one, all, or none of the job fields to help candidates filter jobs by business function, full/part-time, experience level, or location. Each field and its values are identical to the ones on the Details step of the Job Posting Wizard.
  6. Customize how the button will look on your site. The text isn't editable, but you can change the button's color to match your brand, and remove the SmartRecruiters logo.
  7. Click Grab Code to generate the HTML for the button and the JavaScript code for the widget itself.