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Internal Mobility

  • Internal Mobility Module

SmartRecruiters' Internal Mobility allows employees with a SmartRecruiters account to view and apply to jobs posted by their company.

Want to advertise your Internal jobs? Ask your Customer Success Manager about the Internal Mobility Module.

Posting internal jobs

The Internal Mobility portal lists all Public and Internal job ads posted at a company. When someone publishes a Public or Internal job ad, SmartRecruiters will also post the ad to Internal Mobility. There's no extra step to posting to Internal Mobility.

  • For every Public job ad, SmartRecruiters automatically posts that ad to Internal Mobility, even if someone hasn't created an Internal ad.
  • All Internal ads are posted to Internal Mobility.
  • Private ads are excluded from Internal Mobility.

Jobs in the list are organized by the (business) Function that was chosen when the job was created.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.14.14 PM.png

Activate Internal Mobility

Internal Mobility is an optional feature, and isn't active by default.

To turn it on:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Internal Mobility in the Career Page Setup list.
  3. Click the toggle. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 12.52.47 PM.png

Application methods

Employees can apply as internal applicants, and receive the Employee label, in four ways:

  • When they apply to any job (Public or Internal) through the Internal Mobility portal.
  • When they apply to any job (Public or Internal) through the Internal Job Widget.
  • When they apply through an Internal job ad.
  • When they apply to a Public job ad using their company email address, and the company has Domain Authentication activated.

Anyone who has the URL for an internal job can apply to that job. They'll be marked as an internal applicant and receive the Employee tag even if they aren't actually an employee.


Tracking internal applicants

Once added to SmartRecruiters, internal applicants are easily identified by the Employee tag:

All internal applicants are added with an Internal Career Page source.