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Employee Portal

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Employee Portal is the central destination for employees to discover internal jobs, apply to them, and track their applications. With Employee Portal, SmartRecruiters empowers companies to retain their prized talent.

Want to activate the Employee Portal in your account? Submit a request to our Customer Support team or talk with your Customer Success Manager.

 Accessing the Employee Portal

The Employee Portal can be accessed by all employees of your organization who have an active SmartRecruiters user account. If your employees don’t have user accounts yet, you will need to invite them. You can learn more about user management here


Once Employee Portal is activated, the link to access it will appear in the Avatar menu. Users whose system role is set to Employee will be directed to the Employee Portal by default when they log-in to SmartRecruiters. 

From Employee Portal, users whose system role isn't Employee can find a link in the Avatar menu, so they can navigate back to SmartRecruiters.

Posting internal jobs

The Jobs page in Employee Portal lists all Public and Internal job ads posted at a company. When someone publishes a Public or Internal job ad, it will automatically show up on the Jobs page and will be available until it is filled, canceled, or gets unpublished. There are no extra steps required to post jobs in the portal. Private ads will not be published to Employee Portal. You can learn more about jobs' visibility here.

EP Jobs Page.png

Employee Portal and internal job ads

When Employee Portal is activated, internal job ads will be accessible only to employees with a SmartRecruiters user account. This way, hiring teams can be sure that any sensitive information of an internal job ad will only be available to the employees of their organization.

Apart from the Jobs page in Employee Portal, internal job ads can be shared directly with employees using the ad's link, and can also be found through the Internal Job Widget. In both cases, when an employee tries to open the job ad, they will be redirected to Employee Portal, where they will be able to access it and apply.

All employees who apply to an internal job ad will receive the EMPLOYEE label, so hiring teams can easily distinguish them from external candidates.

Employee Profile

Users of the Employee Portal are also able to set up their profile with their contact information, professional experience, and education. SmartRecruiters will use the information saved in an employee's profile to pre-fill the application form for them, when they are applying to a job, making the application process faster.



Can I customize the looks of the Employee Portal?
Employee Portal will use the corporate color of your default brand as its primary color. You can learn more about brands here. The Employee Portal will also leverage the logo from the company profile.

Can I share a link to internal job ads with someone else?
Yes, you can still share links to an internal job ad. However, anyone who tries to access it will be asked to log-in with their SmartRecruiters user account before they can see the information of the job ad.

My organization uses a job widget to share internal jobs with our employees. Will it be affected?
The job widget will still work as expected. However, when someone clicks on an internal job, they will be redirected to the Employee Portal. If the person isn't logged in, s/he will be asked to do so before accessing the portal and viewing the job ad.

What if I am using the SmartRecruiters API to create my custom internal mobility platform?
If you have built a custom experience, then it won't be affected by Employee Portal. However, if you are still using the SmartRecruiters job ads or application process, then your employees will need to have a SmartRecruiters user account to complete their application in the portal.

If I am a recruiter, how can I identify internal applicants?
Applications coming from your employees will carry the EMPLOYEE flag, similar to how it looks now.

What if I want to keep using Internal Mobility instead of Employee Portal?

You can keep using Internal Mobility if you like. All changes described here will only affect the Employee Portal.