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Career page

Included in:
  • SmartStart
  • SmartRecruit


SmartRecruiter's Career Pages are mobile-optimized, localized and configurable web pages that lists your current job openings and allows you to drive candidate traffic, showcase your brand, and give your candidates an unparalleled user experience when expressing interest to your jobs. 


If you don't have dedicated engineering or design resources, or just want to get up and running with minimal effort, you can create a Career Page and customize it with branding and video, and tell a compelling story. SmartRecruiters' Career Page Builder makes it easy to create  a new site in minutes without requiring technical or design knowledge.

Admins can use the Career Site Builder to quickly create and configure multiple career pages in minutes without the need for internal design or IT resources

The Career Site Builder allows you to:

  • Create multiple career pages and target it to a dedicated audience
  • Build global career centers thanks to built-in support for 22 languages
  • Fully customize and configure the design, images, content, and jobs displayed
  • Give a mobile optimized experience for candidates using a mobile device 
  • Integrate with your corporate website for an consistent candidate navigation experience

Get started

To get started and setup your Careers page:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Admin.
  2. Click Career Pages & Job Ad in the Career Page Setup list. 


If this is your first visit to the list, you'll just see the All jobs (Default) career page.

  • Click Edit Settings to update the name, language, and the jobs listed on a career page.
  • Click Edit Content to edit the look and feel of a career page.
  • Click Add New to create a new career page.


Within the settings of each career page, you change its name and select its language. 

The Default career page displays all of your jobs by default, but if you create another career page, you can filter your jobs by location, department, posting date, and more. Click Selected to open the filters.

Edit layout and text

The Career Page builder is an interactive editor that allows you to directly add text, images, and styling. 

There are four editable sections:

  • Add your logo and a Get in Touch button to the header.
  • Add an image, video, or text to the main hero section, and add a Search section to let candidates search through the list of jobs on the career page.
  • Add an additional section to include any other content, like images, text, or another video.
  • Configure the grouping and list type for the jobs list.

Click on each section to edit it.


The Header section contains your logo and a Get in Touch button.

Click + in the right side of the Header to add the Get in Touch button. Candidates who don't see a job that they'd like to apply to in the Career Page's list can follow the Get in Touch button to submit their resume and information to the General Application.

SmartRecruiters will localize the text of the Get in Touch button in the language set in the Career Page's Settings.

By default, the Header includes your default company logo, even if you've chosen a specific Brand in the Settings for the Career Page to change this logo. Click this logo to edit it, and then upload the image in the footer:

Main hero

Click the Main Hero header to add a title,  background image or video, and a Search section that candidates can use to search through the list of jobs on the Career page. 

Click the center of the header to add text:

Click the image or video icon to add either, then select or upload the image or add the video's URL in the footer:

For best results, use an images that are 1680 x 420 pixels.

Click Add Search section to activate the job Search bar. You can enter your own default text here. If not, SmartRecruiters will localize the default Search bar text to the language selected for the Career Page.

By default, the hero's text is centered. Choose a different alignment from the footer. 

Additional sections

Click to add an additional section and enter more information about your company, perks, values, and anything else you think might drive candidates toward your jobs. Once you've added the section, just enter the text.

Each new section can have an image or video. Click on the image or video icon in the section, then upload the image or add the video's URL in the footer.

For best results, use an image that is 480 x 250 pixels in size.

Jobs list

The jobs list will display all your jobs or the subset that you've selected in the page's Settings. 

Click Add openings title to add a custom title to the list. SmartRecruiters will localize the jobs list headers to the language selected in this page's Settings. 

Change the display format by selecting an option in the footer. Available display formats include the grouped list, single column list and two column list. The grouped listed view uses primary and secondary filters to group jobs. These filters can be changed in the footer.


When trying to configure the job/org field values to configure jobs showing up on the career site, the field values options are only visible if a job is opened with that particular value, not all selectable values in that field. Is this working as designed?
Yes - working as designed.