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Connected Search

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SmartCRM's Connected Searches allow sourcers to set up special saved search queries that automatically add candidates to communities as prospects.

Connecting searches

To create and connect a search:

  1. Click New Search on the Searches tab of the community. You can also do this from the Prospect list, if it's empty.NewConnectedSearch.png
  2. On the People list, set up a search query using keywords and/or any of the filters on the People list. Then, click Connect Search.OpenConnectSearch.png
  3. Give the search a name -- it'll show up on the community for easy reference -- and choose which community to connect the search.ConnectSearch_ChooseCommunity.png

Each search can be connected to one community, but communities may be connected to multiple searches. 

When the search is connected to a community all candidates who match the query at time of connection will be added to the community.

Candidates are added as Prospects to the Prospect list of the community in Added state:


Managing searches

CRM Users may manage and monitor searches connected to a community from the community's Searches tab:


Users can manually remove candidates from a Community’s prospect list and a Campaign’s recipient list. 


Each search can add up to 100,000 candidates to a community automatically. Once the limit is reached, SmartCRM stops adding candidates who match the search. Sourcers may continue to add candidates manually to that community.AddManuallytoCommunity.png