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Creating Communities

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The ability to create a community is restricted to CRM seatholders who are also Admin, Extended or Standard users only. CreateCommunity.png

Defining a community

Each community has:

  • A title visible to external parties
  • An internal description, visible to the sourcing teamCRM_Description.png
  • Org field assignments for assigning branding, language settings, etc.CRM_Configure.png

    Only Job/Org fields that have been enabled to appear on communities can be selected when creating or editing a community. DisplayCustomJobField.png

  • A sourcing team made of sourcers (full access to create and manage communities) and participants (limited access to view communities)CRM_team.png

Users without a CRM seat cannot be added to a community with a Sourcer role. They can only be added as Participants by Sourcers.

Community Status

All communities have a status: open or closed. New communities begin in Open status. 


When a community is created its status is set to Open and it only closes when a community organizer chooses to Close the community (in the Community Settings). In order to close a community, organizers must first move all prospects to inactive stages.

Once the community is created, sourcing teams can focus on:


Closing a community

When a community is closed, all sourcing and nurturing tools in the community are disabled:

  • Saved searches would stop automatically adding prospects to the community
  • Lead Capture Forms will expire (similar to job ads)
  • Campaigns within this community would stop running
  • Prospects can no longer be added to community