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Sending attachments via Application API


In the Application API, attachments can be added along with creating a new candidate application in SmartRecruiters for a specific job through the endpoint: 


POST /postings/{uuid}/candidates

You need to include the “attachments” property in the request body. It accepts an array of candidate attachments in base64 format. 



  "attachments": [


        "fileName": "cover_letter.pdf", // display name

        "mimeType": "application/pdf",

        "fileContent": "{base64 encoded file content}"



If you encounter “failed to load PDF file” error, check if the base64 format is correctly implemented in the request body.

The same move is recommended if the error is encountered in Assessment API


  • The current limit is 2MB per file

  • Accepted file types are PDF, DOC(X), RTF, JPG, PNG