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Referrals - how to obtain the referrer’s source


OAuth 2.0 connection required to operate inside Customer API

Obtain the existing sources from the Smartrecruiters users’ account- you need to use the specific “id” generated by the system for each referral.

GET/configuration/sources -returns the list of existing sources for this customer’s account.

GET/configuration/sources/{sourceType}/values -returns the list of users, available under the requested source type

Find the desired referrer information in the response body

GET/configuration/sources/{sourceType}/values/{sourceValueId} -returns the user matching the requested criteria

Use the source information when pushing the candidate to Smartrecruiters so the candidate will be displayed with an appropriate source, indicating that they were referred by the user via POST /postings/{uuid}/candidates  which will result in the user knowing who the candidate was referred by.