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Welcome to the SmartRecruiters Help Center

Looking for our API documentationPartner portal, or GDPR tools?

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    Getting Started
    Are you a New Administrator, Recruiter, or Hiring Team member? Start here!
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    What's New
    Check out new features, partners, and other updates in our release notes.
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    • July 2019 Release Notes

      Our July 2019 release focuses on efficiency and task automation for recruiters, sourcers, candidates, admins and analysts.

    • April 2019 Release Notes

      Our April 2019 Release focuses on workflow optimization and improvements to candidate experience, compliance, and sourcing.

    • January 2019 Release Notes

      Our January 2019 Release includes Custom Hiring Roles and Request Emails, Mass Status Change, Filter by Screening Questions, and a whole lot more.

    • Fall 2018 Release Notes

      Our Fall 2018 Release includes the initial Beta release of SmartCRM, plus improvements to Report Builder and the Candidate Portal. It also includes Internal Screening questions and tools for bulk consent management.

    • Summer 2018 Release Notes

      Our Summer 2018 Release includes 4 amazing features aimed at helping recruiters and sourcers work efficiently, and to help companies better engage and delight their external and internal candidates.

    • Spring 2018 Release Notes

      Our Spring 2018 Release includes nine new major features, include our Recruiting Assistant and GDPR compliance tools.

    • Winter 2018 Release Notes

      Our Winter 2018 Release includes four new major features, including Parallel Processing.

    • Fall 2017 Release Notes

      Our Fall 2017 Release includes five new major features which are designed to help improve recruiter productivity and efficiency.

    • Summer 2017 Release Notes

      Our Summer 2017 Release will help make sourcing efforts more effective, and give candidates more control over their applications.

    • Spring 2017 Release Notes

      With our Spring 2017 release, we've added four major features and some great enhancements.

    • Winter 2017 Release Notes

      The Winter 2017 release includes eight new features and a ton of new Marketplace partners.

    • Fall 2016 Release Notes

      The Fall 2016 release include five new features. Read on for details and links to more in-depth instructions on configuring and using each feature.

    • New Marketplace Partners

      Our Marketplace is always growing! Check out the newest additions to our Partner network here.

    • SmartLabs

      Our SmartLabs innovation program is designed to capture these ideas and make them a reality.

    • Delightful Enhancements Release Log

      We are excited to roll out delightful enhancements in-between our major quarterly releases to continuously deliver innovation to our users. This page will keep a running list of delightful enhancements. Check back frequently for new additions!

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    Supercharge your sourcing efforts and create an on-demand talent pipeline with SmartCRM.
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    • Communities

      Attract, nurture and convert potential candidates by curating them in a community.

    • Campaigns

      Engage with prospects at scale and get them interested with automated email campaigns.

    • Connected Search

      Automatically add candidates to communities using connected search.

    • Lead Capture Forms

      Learn how to create customized lead capture forms to help prospects join your communities.

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    Get step-by-step instructions on configuring SmartRecruiters for your company.
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    • Brands

      Present your brand's identity to candidates throughout SmartRecruiters.

    • Configure candidate fields

      Capture candidate-specific information and add it to offers, approvals, integrations, and more.

    • Candidate Sources

      Manage a library of sources and track the origin of your best candidates.

    • Hiring Process

      Configure SmartRecruiters to match your company's hiring processes.

    • Internal & Private Job Ads

      Control who can see your job ads.

    • Job and offer approvals

      Set up and manage an approval process for posting jobs and making offers.

    • Job and Org Fields

      Capture essential information about your jobs and configure features for groups of jobs.

    • Global Compliance Administration

      Configure SmartRecruiters to stay compliant with privacy and data retention requirements in every country where you post jobs.

    • Screening Questions

      Collect information from candidates when they apply to make hiring decisions and report on compliance.

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    Learn about using SmartRecruiters' mobile apps.
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    • Field Recruiting App

      Learn about setting up and using the Field Recruiting App.

    • Hiring App

      Learn how to use the Hiring App to manage, review,  and rate candidates.

    • SSO for Mobile

      Learn how to configure SSO for SmartRecruiters' Hiring and Field Recruiting apps for iOS and Android.

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    Company settings
    Manage your company's profile and company-wide email settings, users, and posting contracts.
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    • Company Details

      Manage the default logo  and address on your job ads by adding them to the Company Profile.

    • Company email settings

      Set company-wide default settings for email notifications.

    • Independent Reviews

      Eliminate bias by hiding other reviews from an interviewer or hiring manager until they submit their own.

    • Job posting contracts

      Use your existing job posting contracts to post jobs through SmartRecruiters.

    • Marketplace Control

      Control who can access and make purchases in the Marketplace.

    • Set up departments

      Add your departments to help configure jobs and other features.

    • User Management

      Add new users to your account and manage their permissions and access.

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    Manage your company's email and offer templates.
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    • Auto Replies

      Automatically respond to candidates who apply to your jobs and keep them engaged.

    • Email Templates

      Create and manage email templates for communicating and engaging with candidates throughout the hiring process.

    • Merge fields

      Automatically personalize email templates, offer letters, and other templates for specific candidates.

    • Offer letter templates

      Create and manage templates for extending offers to candidates.

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    Career sites
    Post your jobs on your external and internal corporate website.
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    • Career page

      Use SmartRecruiters' Career Page Builder to create a careers page with your company's branding and media, without relying on technical resources.

    • Internal Mobility

      Manage applications to internal job postings.

    • Job Alerts

      Create a Job Alert to help candidates set up automatic monitoring for new jobs. When you post a job that matches their filters, SmartRecruiters will notify them by email.

    • Job Widget

      Add an always-up-to-date list of jobs to your company's site with a Job Widget, a pre-made JavaScript snippet.

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    Ensure GDPR compliance using SmartRecruiters' company and candidate tools.
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    • GDPR Tools for Companies

      Learn how SmartRecruiters helps companies stay compliant with GDPR requirements for collecting and managing consent.

    • GDPR Tools for Candidates

      Learn how SmartRecruiters helps candidates maintain control over the personal information they provide to companies when searching and applying to for jobs.

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    Interviewing and Hiring
    Review, interview, manage, and hire your candidates.
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    • Candidate filters

      Sift through your talent pool and find the right candidates by experience, skills, location, and more.

    • Managing Candidates

      Manage and interact with your candidates throughout the hiring process.

    • Offers and Hiring

      Create, send, and manage personalized job offers from the Offer tab on the candidate profile.

    • Referrals

      Some of the best hires come from referrals. SmartRecruiters' Referrals makes it easy for employees to submit referrals, and for hiring managers and recruiters to track and manage referrals.

    • Reviewing and interviewing candidates

      Schedule interviews and  interview, review candidates, and provide feedback to collaboratively select the best candidates.

    • SmartAssistant
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    Set up and manage integrations with other HR/business systems, LinkedIn, DocuSign, and more.
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    • Calendar integrations

      Connect SmartRecruiters to your company's Google or Microsoft calendar to schedule interviews and book rooms right in SmartRecruiters.

    • LinkedIn Integrations

      Source the best candidates using SmartRecruiters' LinkedIn integrations.

    • Other Integrations

      Integrate your HRIS and business process systems with SmartRecruiters.

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    Post and manage jobs
    Create, advertise, and manage your job ads to attract top talent.
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    Reporting and Analytics
    Report and analyze on your SmartRecruiters data to maximize your hiring performance.
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    • Report Builder

      Create custom reports, schedule them for periodic execution, and share them with a specific group of users.

    • Analytics

      Use the Analytics dashboards to visually dive into your hiring metrics, and Analytics reports to analyze raw data from your account.

    • Reporting

      Run reports on all aspects of your hiring performance and for compliance.

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    Send jobs to recruiting agencies and manage the candidates they source for you.
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    • Invite an agency

      Add a new external recruiter or recruiting agency to your list of preferred agencies.

    • Recruiter Portal

      As a third-party recruiting agency, use the Recruiter Portal to manage job assignments and submit candidates to companies that use SmartRecruiters.

    • Send to Agency

      Assign a job to an external recruiter or agency and allow them to add and submit candidates right to your account.