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Welcome to the SmartRecruiters Help Center

Looking for our API documentationPartner portal, or GDPR tools?

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    Getting Started
    Are you a New Administrator, Recruiter, or Hiring Team member? Start here!
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    What's New
    Check out new features, partners, and other updates in our release notes.
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    • Delightful Enhancements Release Log

      We are excited to roll out delightful enhancements in-between our major quarterly releases to continuously deliver innovation to our users. This page will keep a running list of delightful enhancements. Check back frequently for new additions!

    • Latest Quarterly Releases

      Every quarter we roll out a new set of features to our clients.  Check out the latest and greatest from our quarterly releases here!

    • New Marketplace Partners

      Our Marketplace is always growing! Check out the newest additions to our Partner network here.

    • SmartLabs

      Our SmartLabs innovation program is designed to capture these ideas and make them a reality.

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    Supercharge your sourcing efforts and create an on-demand talent pipeline with SmartCRM.
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    • Communities

      Attract, nurture and convert potential candidates by curating them in a community.

    • Campaigns

      Engage with prospects at scale and get them interested with automated email campaigns.

    • Lead Capture Forms

      Learn how to create customized lead capture forms to help prospects join your communities.

    • Connected Search

      Automatically add candidates to communities using connected search.

    • Community Segments

      Organize the prospects of a community into segments.

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    Get step-by-step instructions on configuring SmartRecruiters for your company.
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    • Brands

      Present your brand's identity to candidates throughout SmartRecruiters.

    • Configure candidate fields

      Capture candidate-specific information and add it to offers, approvals, integrations, and more.

    • Candidate Sources

      Manage a library of sources and track the origin of your best candidates.

    • Hiring Process

      Configure SmartRecruiters to match your company's hiring processes.

    • Internal & Private Job Ads

      Control who can see your job ads.

    • Job and offer approvals

      Set up and manage an approval process for posting jobs and making offers.

    • Job and Org Fields

      Capture essential information about your jobs and configure features for groups of jobs.

    • Global Compliance Administration

      Configure SmartRecruiters to stay compliant with privacy and data retention requirements in every country where you post jobs.

    • Screening Questions

      Collect information from candidates when they apply to make hiring decisions and report on compliance.

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    Learn about using SmartRecruiters' mobile apps.
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    • Field Recruiting App

      Learn about setting up and using the Field Recruiting App.

    • Hiring App

      Learn how to use the Hiring App to manage, review,  and rate candidates.

    • SSO for Mobile

      Learn how to configure SSO for SmartRecruiters' Hiring and Field Recruiting apps for iOS and Android.

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    Company settings
    Manage your company's profile and company-wide email settings, users, and posting contracts.
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    • Company Details

      Manage the default logo  and address on your job ads by adding them to the Company Profile.

    • Company email settings

      Set company-wide default settings for email notifications.

    • Independent Reviews

      Eliminate bias by hiding other reviews from an interviewer or hiring manager until they submit their own.

    • Job posting contracts

      Use your existing job posting contracts to post jobs through SmartRecruiters.

    • Marketplace Control

      Control who can access and make purchases in the Marketplace.

    • Set up departments

      Add your departments to help configure jobs and other features.

    • User Management

      Add new users to your account and manage their permissions and access.

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    Manage your company's email and offer templates.
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    • Auto Replies

      Automatically respond to candidates who apply to your jobs and keep them engaged.

    • Email Templates

      Create and manage email templates for communicating and engaging with candidates throughout the hiring process.

    • Merge fields

      Automatically personalize email templates, offer letters, and other templates for specific candidates.

    • Offer letter templates

      Create and manage templates for extending offers to candidates.

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    Career sites
    Post your jobs on your external and internal corporate website.
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    • Career page

      Use SmartRecruiters' Career Page Builder to create a careers page with your company's branding and media, without relying on technical resources.

    • Internal Mobility

      Manage applications to internal job postings.

    • Job Alerts

      Create a Job Alert to help candidates set up automatic monitoring for new jobs. When you post a job that matches their filters, SmartRecruiters will notify them by email.

    • Job Widget

      Add an always-up-to-date list of jobs to your company's site with a Job Widget, a pre-made JavaScript snippet.

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    Ensure GDPR compliance using SmartRecruiters' company and candidate tools.
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    • GDPR Tools for Companies

      Learn how SmartRecruiters helps companies stay compliant with GDPR requirements for collecting and managing consent.

    • GDPR Tools for Candidates

      Learn how SmartRecruiters helps candidates maintain control over the personal information they provide to companies when searching and applying to for jobs.

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    Interviewing and Hiring
    Review, interview, manage, and hire your candidates.
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    • Candidate filters

      Sift through your talent pool and find the right candidates by experience, skills, location, and more.

    • Managing Candidates

      Manage and interact with your candidates throughout the hiring process.

    • Offers and Hiring

      Create, send, and manage personalized job offers from the Offer tab on the candidate profile.

    • Referrals

      Some of the best hires come from referrals. SmartRecruiters' Referrals makes it easy for employees to submit referrals, and for hiring managers and recruiters to track and manage referrals.

    • Reviewing and interviewing candidates

      Schedule interviews and  interview, review candidates, and provide feedback to collaboratively select the best candidates.

    • SmartAssistant
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    Set up and manage integrations with other HR/business systems, LinkedIn, DocuSign, and more.
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    • Calendar integrations

      Connect SmartRecruiters to your company's Google or Microsoft calendar to schedule interviews and book rooms right in SmartRecruiters.

    • LinkedIn Integrations

      Source the best candidates using SmartRecruiters' LinkedIn integrations.

    • Other Integrations

      Integrate your HRIS and business process systems with SmartRecruiters.

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    Post and manage jobs
    Create, advertise, and manage your job ads to attract top talent.
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    Reporting and Analytics
    Report and analyze on your SmartRecruiters data to maximize your hiring performance.
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    • Report Builder

      Create custom reports, schedule them for periodic execution, and share them with a specific group of users.

    • Analytics

      Use the Analytics dashboards to visually dive into your hiring metrics, and Analytics reports to analyze raw data from your account.

    • Reporting

      Run reports on all aspects of your hiring performance and for compliance.

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    Send jobs to recruiting agencies and manage the candidates they source for you.
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    • Invite an agency

      Add a new external recruiter or recruiting agency to your list of preferred agencies.

    • Recruiter Portal

      As a third-party recruiting agency, use the Recruiter Portal to manage job assignments and submit candidates to companies that use SmartRecruiters.

    • Send to Agency

      Assign a job to an external recruiter or agency and allow them to add and submit candidates right to your account.